Friday, July 23, 2004


Waving not Drowning    

    Sorry for the break, I was at the coast for a while with no access...I will also be going to St. Petersburg shortly.


A Turkish translation of V. Dadrian's works regarding the Armenian genocide entitled "Ermeni Soykirmda Kurumsal Roller" is out in bookstores in Turkey with newspaper Radikal supplying a review by his friend Taner Akcam in its literary supplement (for those who don't know, Radikal is not "radical"--but owned by media giant Dogan). Its a positive review by one of our meager few historians who accept the accusations.  There are many sites which attempt to conduct (unintentionally hilarious) hatchet jobs on such folk. Akcam states that Dadrian makes extensive use of Turkish resources to back his claims rather than relying heavily on other documents. One of Dadrian's points is that a doctor and scientist historically cherished by Turkey is responsible for using Armenians in fatal experiments, and that in fact it was not simply Armenians but two Turkish doctors in neighboring hospitals who  accused him of doing so...  



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