Wednesday, November 24, 2004


"In the US, people are very hard-working, but have a tendency to become immediately restless with their jobs. In a place like Turkey, where I showed the film at the Istanbul film festival, people are fortunate for the jobs they have and are more obsessed with job security. They don't want to leave their job and write the Great Turkish Novel -- I don't think they've reached that level of social prosperity." -- Bilge Ebiri (p & b tip)


Can Dundar, from the more "literary" camp of columnists, churned out a poem called "I am Falluja" (In Turkish) that alludes to the killing of a insurgent by a marine, and has lines like "I'm buried with my own blood...Godless me/The one who took a bullet to the brain in Vietnam was me/The one in Palestine who had his arms and legs broken by stones was also all my crime was the same: defending my country against invasion".

This Falluja is not the one that allows car bombing of its own citizens, cutting off heads, and as hostage Zeynep Tugrul mentioned, making children accomplices in your resistance. Probably not Falluja--probably a clean lost soul who left there long ago.

Turkish deaths in Iraq have reached 64 (most if not all were truck drivers), only ten less than the number of British soldiers killed.

Meanwhile, Iraq the Model takes on Juan Cole.

Damn you, Shevchenko!

Those in Ukraine who are worrying about election outcomes can take solace in their 3-0 ass-kicking of Turkey in the World Cup qualifiers, and of Dynamo Kiev's impressive trail in the Champions League...


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