Monday, January 29, 2007


"I never heard of this guy until now, but from what I understand he said some things against this country and he was found guilty. Now you make this guy a hero, I don't get it." --calller on NTV Radio Talk Show "The People's Voice" (Halkin Sesi)

"Well, we finished off the Greeks in this country, and we're finishing off the Armenians, and now it looks like the Kurds will be next. Frankly, I'm starting to get scared...." --calller on NTV Radio Talk Show "The People's Voice"

"Hi, I'd just like to say that I've been reading only the Cumhuriyet newspaper for the last thirty years and nothing else. In those thirty years, I never knew who was the editor of that newspaper and I still don't. I never knew or heard of the names of editors of Sabah, Milliyet, Hurriyet, or any other major newspaper for that matter. But I knew that Hrant Dink was the editor of the Agos newspaper. Why? Because for the last thirty years, the columnists I read have been quoting his sentences here and there and presenting him as a man who was this country's enemy. And I found that none of that is true, and that if anything he loved this country, and loved it more than many. Who then will answer for this?"--calller on NTV Radio Talk Show "The People's Voice"

"The Turkish press is responsible. Did they not say that he was insulting Turks? They did. Did they not say that he wrote "the poison in the Turk's blood must be replaced with our clean blood?" They did. Was he not charged with betraying this country for writing those words? He was. Was he not convicted of the charge? He was. And isn't the penalty for treason death? It is. Then where is the mystery here?"--calller on NTV Radio Talk Show "The People's Voice"

Elsewhere, the Turkish Torque outdoes himself by scanning and translating the schizophrenia of the Turkish press (scroll down when you get there).


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