Saturday, September 04, 2004


Circle of Angels

This is what a Russian friend told me about the massacre: The moment they walked in they took twenty or so adult people from the crowd of hostages upstairs and shot them. Then they gathered all the kids in the gymnasium. Once the bodies started to rot, the smell started spreading throughout the building. In the morning they sent a woman out to telll police to collect the rotting bodies...When the woman came back, the terrorist who was supposed to let her in forgot about the explosives planted at the door he chose to open. He and a part of the wall blew up. Then children tried to escape and the terrorists started to fire at them killing nearly a hundred. Russian soldiers started firing into the bulding at that time. A few terrorists blew themselves up. Thats what caused the roof to collapse on the gym floor...

Push Back the Clock For Me

The time when the current government's pro-EU agenda clashed with its Islam-influenced social agenda has finally arrived. Erdogan's party wishes to make adultery a criminal offense when it priorly was only considered a vaild cause for divorce, like in most Western countries. If the AKP gets their wish then we'd be in the esteemed company of countries like Saudi Arabia, Sudan and the like (Millyet ran a sarcastic headline on its front page entitled "Family Photo" with a cartoon showing all countries who criminalize such an act). When asked to comment, Erdogan said that he viewed adultery as being the same as stealing. Well, all the more reason for the EU to shudder in the shadows, I'm sure their dying to learn a few lessons on morality from such neighbors...


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