Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The International Istanbul Film Festival's (IIFF) vice-infested and promiscuous niece, the !F film festival, pushes off this week and no doubt proves yet again that "dark hands have chosen Turkey" as our mystic prime minister so eloquently put it. The poster for the horror film The Host is probably an apt flag to mark the occasion with given the recent nature of the events we live in, allowing frivolus transitions from the heavy and turbulent "state of the union." One can be cheeky in relating it to a certain inconvenient assasination and point to Mike D'Angelo's review of the film: "Speaking of children being swallowed up by pure evil..." ( incidentally the other film in his column, the Lives of Others, is also being screened at the festival, someone's apparently reading m'da) And the title may perhaps remind one of that condescending view that some people in this country have, that this country is not a rightful "home country" for some individuals but rather a "host country" in which they have to display the proper manners expected of a well-behaved guest.

Regardless, this movie from the guy that made the great Memories of Murder, is blowing a lot of people away. The !F also has its own raunchy section including Destricted and The Exterminating Angels, and if you thought there was always something missing from Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise then the movie you were looking for was probably In Bed ( "Before Sunrise, with sex") The !F, being the easy lay that it is, will be at playing at the AFMs at Beyoglu and Caddebostan, which means that unlike some still unrenovated opera-houses-turned-cinemas they should have properly angled seats and good sound systems. It'll also be heading to Ankara in the beginning of March. Like I said, promiscuous.

Also, Dani Siciliano will be playing a live set at Babylon for the opening party on Saturday the 17th. put yourself down, pick yourself up etc etc.

Also since I mentioned D'Angelo, go here to view a top ten countdown for the best in 2006 categories ranging from best film to best scene, followed by numbers you don't understand and voted on by people you don't think exist.



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