Sunday, May 30, 2004


New York Times Lameness

They reported the attack took place in a "Saudi Oil Area" which is the last thing Oasis compound or Khobar itself actually is. Its a normal city where everyone's job is indirectly or directly related to oil. The only way an attack wouldn't be considered in an "Oil Area" in Saudi Arabia is if it took place in the middle of the desert. Even then it would be dubious. An attack in an "Oil Area" would be sneaking into Aramco and putting explosives in the fields. This is a by-the-book shoot up.


The Muttawa comes through again:

Three others escaped, as they always do, because that is how it is foretold in the old prophesy from the Sage of Riyadh

"Tho' many be surrounded,
and the surrounding be complete,
all shall escape
but the one with bad feet".


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