Wednesday, May 05, 2004


"A quasi-independent Kurdistan would be ripe for Turkish invasion..." says Fred Kaplan of Slate, who apparently has spent way too much time playing Risk .

In the event of an independent Kurdistan he could move most of the US soldiers to the north and Turkey would have to roll a whole lot of sixes in order to take that over. It also would have to be on crack.

If Turkey takes any public military action beyond its self-fashioned buffer zone it would effectively kick its own ass out of europe and into the middle east indefinately--being that its still feeling the stings from Cyprus. And I'm not sure how you can invade a country covertly.

And if the Turkish army hasn't learned that they can no longer go beyond their borders to solve their problems, it will learn fast. Even the US has come to the realization that their national interest has become inextricably tied to world perception, or at least some parts of the world--depending on what day it is.


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