Thursday, May 06, 2004


sketchy stuff going on in Cyprus, from Cyprus Mail:

Below is the full text of the statement claiming responsibility for the grenade attack against the Limassol home of DISY leader Nicos Anastassiades on Tuesday.

The Cypriot Nationalists Organisation (CNO) claims responsibly for the minor damages against the arch-traitor.

The Greek Cypriot people will not forgive the high treason by the president of DISY, who attempted to misinform the outside world with various lies and charges against our island for his own interests and those of others.

There is no room in this place for these kinds of people.

The CNO warns the president of DISY and traitor of the island that he should hand in his official resignation by Tuesday May 11, or else what happened will have been just a small warning.

If he does not obey, he and all the members of his family should be careful.

Furthermore, all those who voted ‘yes’ to the plan of treason should also be careful because Cyprus is not for sale.

As of today, the nights will never be the same.


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