Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Not Something You See Every Day

Cyprus Mail:

TURKISH Cypriot Ibrahim Aziz yesterday won his case against the Republic of Cyprus, when the European Court of Human Rights delivered the judgment that he must be allowed to enroll in the Republic’s electoral roll for the parliamentary elections.

Aziz, 66, who lives in the free areas, complained to the European Court of Human Rights that he was prevented from exercising his voting rights on the grounds of national origin and filed his case through lawyer Sotiris Drakos on May 14, 2001.

After having played an active role in politics for 40 years, on January 30, 2001, Aziz applied to the Minister of the Interior, requesting to be registered on the electoral roll in order to exercise his voting rights in the parliamentary elections of May 27, 2001
However, the Ministry declined his request stating that members of the Turkish Cypriot community could not be registered on the Greek Cypriot electoral roll.


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