Thursday, June 03, 2004


A Ship Is Never Run As Tight As When It Is Swimming In A Bottle

         There's something to be said when "the most secretive administration" in recent times gets its pants pulled down by an Iraqi opportunist on their pay bill, leaks a cia operative's name to the press, and has its CIA chief resign now instead of waiting for the elections. I would be inclined to think "secretive" and "sloppy" would be a match made in Hell, but then I would have to accept the consequences of "secretive" and "effective". This, though desired in the intelligence realm, may in fact be infinitely worse in the sphere of policy management.
         Personal reasons, of course. If one thing is clear, its that Tenet didn't want to exit with the usual cabinet-shuffling during elections. He made a stand (either by ego, or principle). Its hard to come to a conclusion other than that. As to whether he was ordered to resign at this date by the administration, I find it hard to believe. If that was the case, it was a huge risk at best and a retarded move otherwise.
         Notice that he thanked the President personally, but did not extend the thanks to the other "wonderful men and women" in the adminstration or cabinet. Maybe its not a big deal, but the speech was all about family--CIA and otherwise--not about W or WH. He talked more about partying with his son and instant messaging his friends than he did about the President.


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