Tuesday, October 12, 2004


In the Veins, with Wings

"I'm close to Heaven....crushed at the gate." --Tom Waits

There is this thing called Ilkyar run by a small group of people that gathers students and profs and sends them to run down primary schools across Turkey, many in the East. During the year they pack boxes full of toys, enough to fill trucks with, and take those to schools. Throughout the day they introduce their fields to the students, eat with them, and at night they open the boxes and play with them--and dance past their bedtime. The children flock to every volunteer, hardly letting go of their hands (and even legs) during the entire time--many crying as they leave and sending letters for months to come, The look of amazement on their faces when they see a computer, or their new notebooks and pencils, is the purest expression one can witness.

If you want to know more: (ignore this)ilkyar(-at-)ilkar.org.tr


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