Monday, October 25, 2004


That Rug Tied The Room Together

Fetih Bolayir, the chairman of something called "Toplumsal Dusunce Dernegi" (lit~Social Thought Association) and also member of the government's Human Rights Commission accused his own chairman of presenting a "Minority Report" that makes "horrifying" attacks on the secular democracy of the country and encourages separatism. He demanded that charges be brought against the chairman of the Human Rights Commission and those responsible for putting together a "document of treason". The chairman, Kaboglu, countered by saying that more than half of those attending the meetings voted in favor of the report. (in Turkish) Things began to get weird earlier in the week when the report was released, then later the lock to the room where the Commision held its meetings was changed. The government ministry complained that the public saw the report before they did. Kaboglu said nothing was made public before informing them.


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