Saturday, January 22, 2005


Nepotism in the Age of the Internet

a friend tells the tale in Turkish:

Kemal'e babasini tanidigi email yaziyor. Oglu varmis, NYU'a gidiyormus. Turkiyeye geri donmek istiyormus, lutfen Kemal onunla bir konusabilirmi. Kemal tabii diyor, cocuga email yaziyor. Merhaba ben Kemal, enisten'den email aldim beni aramak istiyorsan cumartesi aksami ariyabilirsin, telfon xxx,xxx,xxxx.

Cocuktan response:

kemal enistene bir sana iki ibne, kurumadi kokunuz sictiminin spamcileri.

Kemal tabii sasiriyor. Ne oldu falan diyor kendi kendine.

Ertesi gun cocuktan response Pardon, sizin kim oldugunuzu bilmiyordum. Ne zaman ariyabilirim?

Okay, the translation won't do justice but here it goes:

a friend of Kemal's dad sends him an email saying he's got a nephew in NYU who wants to come back to Turkey, can he possibly talk to him? Kemal says sure and writes the kid an email saying: Hey, I got an email from your uncle...If you wanna talk you can call me Saturday night at tel: ######

The kid writes back:

One to your uncle, two to you faggot. Your stench still hasn't faded [from me shitting you spammers out].

Kemal is confused, obviously.

Next day, the kid writes: Sorry, I didn't know who you were. When can I call?

Maybe AI specialists should give up on robots for the time being, engaged in hackery, and come up with a Turing Test for this shit.


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