Saturday, June 03, 2006


Song of the Day


Which part of this is "deep"?
--Murat Belge, referring to the "deep state" term everyone's been throwing around

Those who haven't written books or articles for the last 25 years, who have attended good or bad classes, have become "respected professors" but never "accused professors." When I took the post on the Human Rights Council, there were people who said, "Are you an idiot?" I took the needed lesson from the court case, but I will not abandon my idiocy.
--Ibrahim Kaboglu, on his quasi-acquittal for being charged with insulting Turkishness in using the
odd-sounding term "Turkiyeli" in the Council's Minority Report

If an important part of the public wants the military to intervene in the government, and if it claps when the military intervenes, and sees the military intervening as an option, then the issue is not with the military, the issue is with the public.
--Suleyman "Yesterday is Yesterday, Today is Today" Demirel


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