Sunday, September 10, 2006


You call it Tiffing, I Call It...

"And if your complete mind is a letter then tomorrow you can be a tiger,
a man, an angel. You can be plastic. This is why I like so much
the plastic man of the Fantastic Four in Marvel Comics.
What's his name? He is married to the Invisible Girl.
Plastic man and Invisible Woman can be great pornography.
Plastic man fucking the girl and then he make his penis very,
very, very thin and put inside her vein, and the penis can go,
and go, and go from her vein to her heart. He can ejaculate
in the center of his woman's heart. Fantastic! Fantastic!"
--Alejandro Jodorowsky in a 1973 interview. Elsewhere, Kidney Bingos climbs
Holy Mountain.

This is the time of year where a certain breed migrates to Toronto for a film festival of internationalism, a phenomenon referred to as "Tiffing", or more affectionately, "Fucking." If browsing through odd-looking ratings for odd-sounding movies is your idea of a good time, then you might want to hit up the Cypriot, the Academic Hack, the Futurist Who Viewed Too Much, A Rightwing Film Geek, A Member of the Academy, the Onion Crew, or if you want, you can simply Listen to Missy.

Surely, Screengrab will throw up some tidbits from afar as well. Though the link on the right has been up for a while, one should probably alert people to the fact that Nerve has been crazy enough to let Bilge Ebiri man their film blog, and he has been crazy enough to accept. Thus, you will find hilarious excerpts from Vern reviews, heavily-vouched-for forgotten films, and excess usage of the term Idiocracy. He does include some obligatory Turcic concerns like bemoaning the sequel to Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam and hoping Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Climates is awesome (and does well not to mention the original Superman Returns). You also now have to go to another page to see the meaty "reviewing reviewers" posts, which is fucking annoying frankly. All this and the guy still manages to create a short film and enter it into the LA short film festival. Fucker.

And if you do end up actually going to Toronoto and find yourself aging rapidly and "coming down" with orthostatic hypotension, you might want check out Pivotal Spins, thoughts from a world-weary good friend on being a motivated bone-bender in the (in)famous Canadian healthcare system.


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